At Corinthian M.B. Church, we have sheepfolds and here is why.

What is a biblical sheepfold? A Biblical Sheepfold is a group of church members assigned to a Deacon for Spiritual Guidance under the leadership of the Lead pastor.

In John 10:1-18, Jesus used a parable of a sheepfold to explain his role of protecting and caring for the people. He explained how talking to the people and being a Good Shepherd would encourage people to learn his voice and respond to his leadership without questions. At Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, we have Deacons whom emulate this role by leading Sheepfolds in our church. All church members are assigned to a Sheepfold at the time of becoming a member.

The Deacon’s role in the church and Sheepfold is to help maintain a positive attitude among the membership; monitor and put out grass fires in the church; serve as a model dedicated Christian; give spiritual guidance to the members both as a leader and confidant; visit the sick and shut in and serves them the Lords Supper.