Church History

December 26, 1982

Rev. Bobby G. Roberson

December 26, 1982, Rev. Bobby G. Roberson accepted Interim Pastorate of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church for 90 days. Long before the 90 days were over, there was no doubt that the Lord had placed him here. On March 10, 1983 Rev. Roberson accepted the call to Pastor the Church. We..Read More

January 10, 1971

Rev. Albert Baker

January 10, 1971 the Church was again called together to select a new leader. God being the good God that He is, placed it on the mind and heart of the late Rev. Albert Baker, to hear and accept the call. On April 8, 1979 Corinthian Baptist Church was destroyed..Read More

February 25, 1964

Rev. John F. Yolkum

February 25, 1964 the Church was called together and the Rev. John F. Yolkum was called to lead. The church was cleared of its major indebtedness under the leadership of Rev. Yolkum, who left the church on August 2, 1970.

January 1, 1953

Rev. Rubin Fields, Sr.

In 1953, while located at 2330 Vine Street, Rev. Fields was given a vision to purchase a church home; the membership had grown to 35 members. A building and property at 2455 Prospect was purchased. The move into the building came on December 6, 1956; the furniture was purchased in..Read More

March 29, 1952

Our Beginnings

The Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church was organized March 29, 1952. Those who took part in the organizing ceremony were Rev. M. Frazier, Moderator of the New Era District Association, Rev. George W. Reed, Rev. J. H. Winston, Rev. Rubin Fields, Sr., and 15 members were present: Dea. & Sis. Henry..Read More